2019 Animal Run fundraiser for WildCare 2019-03-11T14:31:38-07:00

Use code WILDCARE to enjoy $5 off and ensure your registration is counted as part of the WildCare fundraising team.

DATE:  Sunday July 21, 2019

DIRECTIONS: 5551 Giant Hwy, Richmond, CA 94806


7:00 Bib Pickup

7:50 Welcome & Introductions

8:00  1/2 marathon canicross start

8:05  1/2 marathon start

8:10  5k & 10k canicross start

8:15  5k & 10k start

9:00 Free Food Service Begins

9:15  5k Raffle starts

10:15 10k Raffle starts

All races start and finish in the Giant Cluster picnic area which is a short walk from the Giant Highway Staging Area parking lot.  All courses are mainly flat but have enjoyable rolling dirt and gravel trails. You will love running this scenic course! Trail strollers are welcome but baby will have a bumpy ride.

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Course Map
  • 5k course goes counter-clockwise once
  • 10k course is the 5k course but then reverses direction (washing machine style)
  • 1/2 Marathon course is two loops going the same direction

Early Bird Pricing through May 31st

  • 5k is $40
  • 10k is $50
  • ½ Marathon is $60
  • Dogs run free

Kids 12 and under

  • All distances is $15

Regular Prices starting June 1st

  • 5k is $45
  • 10k is $55
  • ½ Marathon is $65
  • Dogs run free

Kids 12 and under

  • All distances is $20

Last Minute Prices starting July 7th

  • 5k is $50
  • 10k is $60
  • ½ Marathon is $70
  • Dogs run free

Kids 12 and under

  • All distances is $25

Race Day add $10 for all distances

For all distances

  • 1st place M & F winners will receive a $25 gift certificate from A Runner’s Mind
  • 2nd place M & F winners will receive a $15 gift certificate from A Runner’s Mind
  • 3rd place M & F winners will receive a $10 gift certificate from A Runner’s Mind

For canicross

  • 5k – 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Small, Medium and Large dog winners will receive a prize
  • 10k – Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a prize
  • 1/2 marathon – Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a prize

Note: There is currently no kids competition for 10k and 1/2m. If at least three girls and boys register for the 10k and 1/2m by July 1st, then we will create a kids competition.

  • Please bring your own water bottle or hydration system on race day to minimize single use of paper cups
  • Water will be provided for humans and dogs
  • Vegan aid will be PB&J squares, salted pretzels, potato chips, fruit
  • 7-7:45 – Runners/walkers/dogs arrive to pick up their bibs and pre-purchased shirts
  • 7:45 – Welcome & Introductions
  • 8:00 – 1/2 marathoners canicrossers start
  • 8:05 – 1/2 marathoners humans start
  • 8:10 – 5k small dog, medium dog, large dog & 10k canicrossers start
  • 8:15 – 5k & 10k human runners start
  • 9:00 – Food service begins
  • 9:15 – Raffle begins for 5k, winners must be present
  • 10:15 – Raffle begins for 10k & 1/2 marathoners, winners must be present
  • 12pm – Breakdown begins, runners still on the course will have their finish time manually recorded
  • Final finishing times will be available race evening at Synergy Race Timing
  • Links to race results and your free race photos will be sent in a final re-cap email
  • Kindly fill out the post-event survey to help improve Animal Run

The name Canicross is a mix of Canine & Cross Country.  Canicross is a growing international sport where one human and one dog run harnessed together as a 6-legged team.

Dogs are strongly encouraged to wear a suitable harness and be attached to their handler by a line containing some bungee to act as a shock absorber. Lines must not be longer than 6 feet  when fully extended.

A waist belt is strongly recommended for handlers.

Running with neck collars, choke chains and retractable leads is discouraged. Muzzles may be used but they must be the open, basket type through which dogs can drink and take treats.

While race organizers will make every effort to provide water on site, canicrossers are ultimately responsible for providing water for their dogs at all times.

Exceptions may be granted in regard to the above equipment requirements if a competitor is learning how to canicross (debut), then a hand-held leash and flat (classic) collar will be accepted.


Canicrossers must do their utmost to ensure that their dogs do not interfere with other runners or dogs.

If a Race Marshal determines that a handler’s conduct at any time in the race area or on the trail is detrimental to the sport/race, that runner shall be disqualified. This includes prior to, during, and after the event.

Abuse of dogs, both physical and verbal is strictly prohibited. If a handler, in the opinion of the Race Marshal abuses a dog, that runner will be disqualified.

If a dog becomes unfit or refuses to advance for any reason, the competitor is not permitted to finish the race. They must remain where they are and wait to be picked up by the event sweeper and advise a marshal as soon as possible if the dog is need of urgent attention.

When overtaking, the advancing canicrosser must shout ‘Trail’ or ‘Runner behind’ to warn the runner in front of their intentions.

The canicrosser who is being overtaken must assume responsibility to ensure that their dogs are to one side of the track and do not interfere with the runner going past.

It is recommended that canicrossers who have dogs who are worried by other canines should allow plenty of space for their dogs, especially at the start of the race, to alleviate any undue stress.

All canicrossers should show their fellow competitors and their dogs respect at all times and should not use the misfortune of another to unfairly gain an advantage. Additionally, if a runner or a dog is in distress, ALL competitors have a duty to assist if reasonably and safely able to do so.

Please do not leave poo or poo bags on the trail. Please dispose poo bags at the nearest garbage bin.

Point Pinole Giants parking lot charges a $2 Dog Fee as well as a $3 Parking Fee.

2019 – TBD Impact Report

2018 – Watch the impact you made on 170 innocent lives.

We’ll be changing the design for 2019, but here’s feedback below from one of our runners of our beautiful volunteers making beautiful medals.


These are awesome ribbons. The best event medals I have received. Great colors and design! Thanks for the effort!

For runners who would prefer a longer lasting multi-purpose finisher’s award, a wooden coaster will be available for purchase during online registration.