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Eileen Fancisco
Eileen Francisco is a vegan, long distance runner and race director. She’s a Bay Area native and ex-Peace Corps Volunteer. While traveling, she notices the hungry and homeless animals on the street and has always wanted to do something to alleviate animal suffering. Through her desire to help animals and the environment and with the incredible support of family, friends and the amazing running community, the Animal Run was born. Eileen enjoys making new friends on the trails and very much looks forward to meeting you.
Victor Ballesteros
Victor Ballesteros is proud to support Animal Run. A long-time competitive trail runner, his exploits and adventures have led to the creation of Victory Sportdesign, makers of Victory Bags, the super-organized and functional all-purpose gear bags. When that’s not happening, he and his four legged teammate Lucy are racing fast and taking names!
Eleanor Datu
Eleanor Datu is a financial professional, mother of two, a hula dancer and animal lover. She is supporting Animal Run to make sure it stays solvent.
Mike Stough
Mike Stough has been an avid runner and animal rights advocate for over 15 years. He currently works as a Creative Director at First Republic. He also is the founder and President of Eagles for Earth, the company’s employee run environmental stewardship group. He lives in El Cerrito with his wife and three adopted chihuahua mutts.
Phong “Gus” Luong
Phong “Gus” Luong initially went vegan ten years ago for health reasons, but now champions animals and the environment in a three-prong approach to encouraging ways to reduce the use of animal products. Besides working in e-commerce for over twenty years, Gus is a self-taught sewist and loves making different things. He also enjoys running, backpacking, and being out in nature.