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Why Vegan?

Animal Run believes that all animals are sentient individuals who deserve a long and natural life with the love, health and care we all want for ourselves. That’s why Animal Run raises awareness and funds for many different local animal organizations around the Bay Area.

Animal Run’s vegan events will not serve animals for food nor offer animal products for purchase. For example, you won’t see wool, leather, silk, meat, eggs, dairy or honey at any Animal Run event.

By supporting vegan businesses, you support organizations promoting animal well being and reduce environmental degradation (such as deforestation and ocean dead zones) by not participating in the systematic ecological damage that results from animal husbandry. You will be amazed at how easy it is to enjoy a vegan day along with an outdoor fun run.


  1. We strive to make the Animal Run experience fun & positive for everyone, including parents of animals who eat other animals
  2. Animal Run is a judgement free zone wherever the logo exists.
  3. Registration fees and raffle proceeds support organizations that care for non vegan animals. Please see the list of beneficiaries here. Animal Run’s goal is to help ALL animals find the love and care we all want for ourselves, including carnivores and omnivorous humans.

A Green Event

As an eco-friendly, sustainable “green” event, Animal Run uses recycled and biodegradable materials as much as possible. Our t-shirts (available for purchase) are made of 100% organic cotton. Our goal is to sell non-viscose organic hemp shirts (the most sustainable fabric) in the near future. Our beautiful hand-made medals are made of degradable paper. Wooden coasters (available for purchase) are made from farmed birch. Digital photographs are provided for free.

As much as possible, Animal Run refreshments are made from organic products that keep our environmental footprint small. Single-use plastic bags, plastic bottles or plastic medals will not be available at our events. The Animal Run team strives to best serve both your health and the environment. Thank you for your support!