Author: Eileen Francisco

kubé nice cream

kubé is an Oakland based artisanal nice creamery with a healthy dose of food justice in each delicious scoop. The owners are Kai and Nee-Nueh Nortey. Let’s start with the basics. What’s your background? I grew up in Oakland and attended Mills College, a private women’s school.  My husband Nee-Nueh was born and raised in Winnipeg, […]

The Uncreamery

The Uncreamery is San Francisco’s first vegan creamery that makes award-winning artisinal vegan cheeses that slice, shred and melt like their dairy counterparts. The owners are Lisa Myaf and Mark Charette.   Thanks so much for doing this interview Lisa. Let’s start with the basics. Where are you from? What’s your background? I am originally […]

Walter Handloser

“Do what you want to do, not what you want to be known for.” – Walter Handloser I met Walter while we were volunteering together for a mutual friend’s charity race in late 2018, before I even heard about what he was tackling in 2019.  Once I found out about his epic adventure, I stalked […]

Riya Suising

Feeder of the hungry and the needy. I had a weird encounter this afternoon, at the Mountain View Safeway at 5:45pm on my way home, trying to make it home on… Posted by Riya Suising on Wednesday, January 30, 2019   Fri 9:03 PM Hi Riya, you there? Hi Eileen! Yes, here now. OK, cool. So […]

Chris Jones

Runner.  Soldier.  Puppy rescuer. Here is the gripping story of the Ghar Pups (Ghar means “Mountain” in Pashto) as told by runner-soldier and Animal Run supporter, Chris Jones, on Facebook. It’s a moving example of how the power of social media does good as Chris galvanized his community to save the lives of a handful […]