Author: Eileen Francisco

Riya Suising

Feeder of the hungry and the needy. I had a weird encounter this afternoon, at the Mountain View Safeway at 5:45pm on my way home, trying to make it home on… Posted by Riya Suising on Wednesday, January 30, 2019   Fri 9:03 PM Hi Riya, you there? Hi Eileen! Yes, here now. OK, cool. So […]

Chris Jones

Runner.  Soldier.  Puppy rescuer. Here is the gripping story of the Ghar Pups (Ghar means “Mountain” in Pashto) as told by runner-soldier and Animal Run supporter, Chris Jones, on Facebook. It’s a moving example of how the power of social media does good as Chris galvanized his community to save the lives of a handful […]

Eileen Francisco

My motto is, anything is possible. If there is no struggle, there is no progress. – Frederick Douglass Hi everyone! Here’s what I learned in 2018. It was captured by Garvin Thomas of NBC’s Bay Area Proud. The never-ending journey to being (or doing) better isn’t easy, but “anything is possible” once the goal becomes clear.  […]