Category: The Betterment Project

Riya Suising

  I had a weird encounter this afternoon, at the Mountain View Safeway at 5:45pm on my way home, trying to make it home on… Posted by Riya Suising on Wednesday, January 30, 2019   Fri 9:03 PM Hi Riya, you there? Hi Eileen! Yes, here now. OK, cool. So let’s push the quick start button, […]

Chris Jones

Here is the gripping story of the Ghar Pups (Ghar means “Mountain” in Pashto) as told by runner-soldier and Animal Run supporter, Chris Jones, on Facebook. It’s a moving example of how the power of social media does good as Chris galvanized his community to save the lives of a handful of Afghan pups. 17 […]

Jenn Diesi

Introducing Jenn Diesi who is a social entrepreneur and ultrarunner. Full disclosure, I’m a Geek Girl Tech investor because I support Jenn’s mission to provide affordable data security with a team that looks like today’s USA, for socially conscious small businesses. Here, in Jenn’s own words, is how she is trying to make the world […]

Victor Ballesteros

Victor Ballesteros is the founder and CEO of Victory Sportdesign and is part of the Animal Run Board of Directors. He is also an incredible runner and one of the nicest individuals you should meet. Victor’s story is about love. His love of audacious challenges, love for our natural world, and above all, love for […]

Eileen Francisco

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. – Frederick Douglass Hi everyone! Here’s what I learned in 2018. It was captured by Garvin Thomas of NBC’s Bay Area Proud. The never-ending journey to being (or doing) better isn’t easy, but “anything is possible” once the goal becomes clear.  Even if the goal is running […]