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Hello my lovely friends and family!

I just launched a non-profit organization called Animal Run, and could really use your support!

Animal Run assists animal welfare while celebrating running and veganism.

Your donation in any amount – $500 or even $5 – means the world to me. It helps animals and sends the first Animal Run off to a great start. We are currently at $5,000. Woo hoo!  The goal is $10,000.

Please donate here:

Thank you for your support. For more details, read on!

Mission Statement
Animal Run’s 100% plant-fueled foot races raise funds for animal welfare organizations, helping them save the lives of, find homes for, heal and comfort animal residents in need. Animal Run also helps runners see that supporting plant-based events and businesses promotes human health and a healthier world.

Here’s a super short video explaining my full vision

I’m basically holding a Kickstarter campaign to fund Animal Run on my own website: with chances to win prizes ala Kickstarter. And because I’m a fiscally sponsored project of Empowerment Works, Inc., your donation is tax-deductible. EIN: 31-179-6801

The Goal
My goal is to raise $10,000, with your help, by July 31st. And even a small donation tells me that you believe in relieving animals from a life of hardship too. If you have any connections to corporate sponsorships, please let me know so I can pursue these hard-to-get opportunities.

Why $10,000? Start-up expenses rack up quickly! This initial funding helps Animal Run with its business fees, equipment, and the cost of the website. Also, our inaugural Animal Runs in California, Texas and Colorado require a first-year boost to get started and keep the dream alive in subsequent years! After this year, Animal Run will “run” on its own and raise millions of dollars for animal welfare organizations across the USA.

Pain Galore
As some of you know, I’m an ultrarunner and completed two 100 mile races, one in 2015 and the other in 2017. Those races were painful. To reach my fundraising goal for Animal Run, I’m investing exponentially more focus, energy and, yes, pain. In fact, I’m so committed to meeting the $10,000 goal, that I’m taking on a Herculean and epic event. I’m running 500 miles, starting June 29th, all around the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Ultrarunners go far beyond their limits, and I’m no exception. This is going to be a pain fest like no other. I’ll be running (okay, running-walking) 31.1 miles every other day and taking a full day rest break every other day.

My route begins in Richmond, CA, then runs counterclockwise northward through Napa, then down to San Francisco. I’m currently on Day 9 of the 50k run which is the East Palo Alto – Milpitas leg.

This will be a test of my endurance and I’ll be gritting my teeth when running on some busy streets as cars whiz by, but you know what? The pain and exhaustion I’ll be feeling is laughable because it’s self inflicted. Compare the pain of running 500 miles by choice to that of captive animals living in misery every minute of each day.

Then please consider what Animal Run is trying to accomplish – and all the good your donation will do – by helping local animal shelters, sanctuaries and clinics ease some of their pain.

Follow the adventure!
I upload good morning videos which I upload to the Animal Run Facebook page and Instagram. I post completion messages on my personal FB page. I post what I learned on the day’s 50k on the FB Page 500_MILE_FRIENDS which is also where my teams coordinate the logistics of the run. This is a closed group so if you’d like access to this information, please reach out to me and I’ll add you.

Thanks for reading this novel.  Please wish me luck and send thoughts of healing, love and speedy recovery especially toward the middle and end of this Bay Area tour by foot.
I appreciate you and your support!