DATE & TIME: Sunday August 26, 2018   8 AM – 1 PM

ADDRESS: 2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont, CA 94536

All races start and finish in the Ensenada South Pavillion. The course is flat with dirt trails and some pavement at the beginning and end. Dogs will love running this course.  Strollers are welcome but baby might find the ride a little bumpy.

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Course Map
  • 5k course goes counter-clockwise around the lake once
  • 10k course goes counter-clockwise and then reverses clockwise around the lake
  • 1/2 Marathon course takes runners to an out-and-back path for .7 miles before going washing-machine style around the lake 4 times

Use promo code 4ALLANIMALS to take $5 off Early Bird and Regular Prices below.

Early Bird Pricing through June 30th

  • 5k is $45
  • 10k is $55
  • ½ Marathon is $65
  • Dogs run free

Kids 12 and under

  • 5k is $15
  • 10k is $20
  • 1/2 Marathon is $25

Regular Prices starting July 1st

  • 5k is $55
  • 10k is $65
  • ½ Marathon is $75
  • Dogs run free

Kids 12 and under

  • 5k is $20
  • 10k is $25
  • 1/2 Marathon is $30

Save $10+ – Don’t wait until race day to register. Race day registration prices go up, and promo codes are no longer valid on race day.

Race Day Prices

  • 5k is $60
  • 10k is $70
  • ½ Marathon is $80
  • Dogs run free

Kids 12 and under

  • 5k is $25
  • 10k is $30
  • 1/2 Marathon is $35

For all distances

  • 1st place M & F winners will receive a $25 gift certificate from A Runner’s Mind
  • 2nd place M & F winners will receive a $15 gift certificate from A Runner’s Mind
  • 3rd place M & F winners will receive a $10 gift certificate from A Runner’s Mind

Note: There is no kids’ competition. If enough kids register for all distances, I will request additional gift certificates from A Runner’s Mind, and a kids’ competition will be added.

  • Cupless aid stations! Runners/walkers, please bring your own collapsible cup, water bottle or hydration system on race day to minimize single use of paper cups (which will still be provided for coffee/tea/hot chocolate).
  • There are water fountains near the start/finish, on the course and 5-gallon water jugs will be provided at the start/finish and the aid station. No single-use plastic water bottles will be provided for the event.
  • Each runner will receive 100% plant based (vegan) food before and after their race. Hot chocolate and coffee creamers will be non-dairy and food will have no animal ingredients. The chef will purchase organic ingredients where possible.
  • Race T-shirts can be purchased at registration checkout. Shirts are supplied by EthixMerch and made from bamboo and organic cotton. They will be distributed to runners on race day, during bib pick up.
  • Animal Run will not purchase medals for each runner. Beautiful handmade paper medals will be awarded only to podium finishers, age group winners and all registered dogs.
  • 8:15 – Runners/walkers/dogs arrive to pick up their bibs/t-shirts
  • 9am – Welcome & Introductions
  • 9:15 – 1/2 marathoners start
  • 9:30 – 5k and 10k start
  • 10:30 – Food service starts
  • 11am – Raffle begins, winners need not be present as they may still be on the course
  • 1pm – Breakdown begins, runners still on the course will have their finish time manually recorded
  • Dogs are allowed to run on the course and wear race bibs
  • Once runners cross the finish line, their finish line photo will be taken and prizes will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place women and men for each distance
  • Unless many kids register to run, there will be no separate kids’ competition
  • There will be a podium photo for the race winners so please stay at the finish line until the photo has been taken
  • All finish times will be posted live online at Synergy Race Timing
  • Runners are encouraged to chat with the vendors and learn more about this year’s beneficiaries by visiting their tables
  • Please also consider adopting a puppy or dog from Rocket Dog Rescue who cannot wait to meet you at the event
  • Final finishing times will be available race evening at Synergy Race Timing
  • Links to race results and your free race photos will be sent in a final re-cap email
  • Kindly fill out the post-event survey to help improve Animal Run

The name Canicross is a mix of Canine & Cross Country.  Canicross is a growing international sport where human and dog run harnessed together as a team.

Dogs must wear a suitable harness and be attached to their handler by a line containing some bungee to act as a shock absorber. Lines must not be longer than 6 feet  when fully extended.

A waist belt is strongly recommended for handlers.

No neck collars, choke chains or retractable leads are permitted. Muzzles may be used but they must be the open, basket type through which dogs can drink and take treats.

While race organizers will make every effort to provide water on site, canicrossers are ultimately responsible for providing water for their dogs at all times.

Exceptions may be granted in regard to the above equipment requirements if a competitor is learning how to canicross (debut), then a hand-held leash and flat (classic) collar will be accepted. The competitor must make this known at registration; exceptions are at the discretion of the race director.


Canicrossers must do their utmost to ensure that their dogs do not interfere with other runners or dogs.

If a Race Marshal determines that a handler’s conduct at any time in the race area or on the trail is detrimental to the sport/race, that runner shall be disqualified. This includes prior to, during, and after the event.

Abuse of dogs, both physical and verbal is strictly prohibited. If a handler, in the opinion of the Race Marshal abuses a dog, that runner will be disqualified.

If a dog becomes unfit or refuses to advance for any reason, the competitor is not permitted to finish the race. They must remain where they are and wait to be picked up by the event sweeper and advise a marshal as soon as possible if the dog is need of urgent attention.

When overtaking, the advancing canicrosser must shout ‘Trail’ or ‘Runner behind’ to warn the runner in front of their intentions.

The canicrosser who is being overtaken must assume responsibility to ensure that their dogs are to one side of the track and do not interfere with the runner going past.

It is recommended that canicrossers who have dogs who are worried by other canines should allow plenty of space for their dogs, especially at the start of the race, to alleviate any undue stress.

All canicrossers should show their fellow competitors and their dogs respect at all times and should not use the misfortune of another to unfairly gain an advantage. Additionally, if a runner or a dog is in distress, ALL competitors have a duty to assist if reasonably and safely able to do so.

Quarry Lakes charges a $2 Dog Fee as well as a $5 Parking Fee.

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